Tomato & red pepper soup


Tomato & red pepper soup

This “red soup” is rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene: red peppers, sweet potatoes and tomatoes contain it. All this colored food maintains tanning and favor the bronzing (as the melon, the apricots, the carrots, etc.).
Cooking tomatoes in boiling water and the vegetables in the oven allows not to use oil and to peel them very easily.

This recipe is vegan, sugar free, dairy free, oil free and gluten free.

For 1/2 L (2/3 serves) 10 min prep 25 min cooking time

– 300g of red peppers
– 250 g of sweet potato
– 3 big tomatoes
– 1 red onion
– thyme
– Salt, pepper

• Preheat the oven in 200 °. Cut red peppers and sweet potatoes in roughly pieces and arrange them on a baking tray covered with parchment paper. Put in the oven for 25 min.
• Meanwhile, put some water to be boiled. Make an incision in your tomatoes by drawing a cross on the top. Put in the boiling water 2 min. Remove tomatoes, peel them and cut them in pieces. Preserve the cooking water for later.
• In a frying pan, browned over a low heat the onion and the dice of tomato with some salt, the pepper and the thyme.
• Take Out sweet potatoes and red peppers of the oven, peel them and cut them in small pieces.
• Put all the vegetables in a mixer, well mix during 2-3 min until obtain a homogeneous consistency, add a little bit of the tomatoes’s cooking water as one goes along to obtain a more or less liquid consistency according to your taste. Rectify the seasoning before serving hot!

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