Hazelnut-chocolate Pudding


Hazelnut-chocolate Pudding

Sometimes I forget I already have bought bread or to eat it, and I hate to throw food in the trash. In this case, two solutions to avoid food wastage: to make French bread ( if you have large slices country bread), or to prepare a cake pudding if the amount of stale bread is important!
This recipe is delicious thanks to the chocolate chips and crunchy hazelnuts, served cold, warm or reheated a few seconds in the microwave, and accompanied by ice vegan vanilla (recipe here) or vegan custard cream !! Enjoy your meal !

This recipe is dairy-free, refined sugar-free and oil-free.

• For 8-10 people • 10 min prep • 15 min rest • 35 minutes cooking

– 1 baguette of stale bread (250 g)
– 2 eggs
– 2 tablespoons apple sauce (no sugar added)
– 50 g of whole cane sugar or rapadura
– 20 cl coconut cream
– 30 cl vegetable milk (almond, soy, etc.)
– 2 tablespoons rum
– 100 g dark chocolate 75%
– 50 g hazelnuts

• Break your stale bread into pieces.
• In a large bowl, whisk eggs, applesauce, sugar, coconut cream, vegetable milk and rum.
• Add the pieces of stale bread and soak, stirring occasionally for 10 to 15 minutes until the bread is soaked.
• Meanwhile, put the oven to preheat to 180 ° C. Prepare chips: cut dark chocolate and hazelnuts in more or less large pieces. Pour 3/4 in the bowl and mix well to distribute the chips into the dough (and keep the rest for topping).
• Grease a loaf pan and pour batter. Add on top the rest of the chocolate and hazelnut chips. Cook 35 minutes at 180 °C.

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