Chocolate smoothie


Chocolate smoothie

The chocolate is originally a mixture of cocoa dough, sugar and cocoa butter, presents in variable proportions according to the type of chocolate (milk, white or dark). In equal proportion, the cocoa (unsweetened), is 5 times less calorific, is 9 times less fatty (lipids proportions), contains twice more fibers, and is richer in proteins and in carbohydrates! So, exchange the chocolate by raw cocoa in your recipes!

This recipe is vegan, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and oil free.

• For 1/2 L (1-2 portions) • 5 min prep • No cooking time

– 1 banana
– 25 cl almond or hazelnut milk
– 1 tablespoon grounded hazelnut
– 1 tablespoon raw unsweetened cocoa
– 1 teaspoon honey or maple syrup

• Peel and cut the banana in slices.
• In a blender, mix well the banana, almond/hazelnut milk, grounded hazelnut, raw cocoa and honey/maple syrup. Mix well for 2-3 min until it’s smooth.

PS: Two solutions to obtain a very fresh smoothie: use frozen pieces of bananas, or add to your preparation 2-3 ice cubes before mixing it.

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