Chocolate cream – vegan


Chocolate cream – vegan

This chocolate cream recipe is prepared without eggs, milk or cream, and comes with granola and coconut whipped cream for a more yummy dessert!!

This recipe is vegan, dairy-free and refined sugar free.

• for 6 people • 10 min prep • 10 min baking • +3 hr rest cool

• For the chocolate cream:
– 100 g dark chocolate 70%
– 600 ml of almond milk
– 50 g corn-starch
– 40 g of whole cane sugar

• For decoration:
– 120 g of homemade granola (recipe here)
– 20 cl coconut cream
– 1 tablespoon of agave syrup

• The day before, put your coconut cream in fridge.
• In a saucepan, mix together milk, sugar and corn-starch. Whisk everything well and start cooking on low heat until the mixture simmers. Be careful, you must always mix and do not boil the milk.
• Break the chocolate into pieces and add it to the mixture, keep stirring constantly with a whisk or wooden spoon until the mixture thickens.
• When the cream wraps well around the spoon, stop cooking and let stand a few minutes.
• Divide the cream in glass jars and place to cool down in fridge at least 3 hours (but overnight is better).
• When ready to serve, prepare the whipped coconut cream: withdraw the creamy part of the coconut that has formed during the night, and beat it until whipped up. Add the agave syrup and continue beating until very firm whipped cream.
• Fit your glasses: Add granola as a second layer on chocolate cream, then finish with whipped coconut. You can decorate with berries, seeds or grated coconut.

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