Chickpeas & zucchini veggieballs


Chickpeas & zucchini veggieballs

Veggieballs can be as good as meatballs !! Veggieballs can be delicious and very satiating, accompanied by a salad. Chickpeas are rich in vegetable proteins, and combined with potatoes and zucchinis, these veggiballs provide everything needed for the body: protein, fiber, carbohydrates, fats, calcium, magnesium and vitamins!

This recipe is vegan and dairy free.

For 4 people (30 veggieballs) 15 min prep 30 min cooking time

– 200g sweet potatoes
– 400g Chickpeas canned
– 1 onion
– 1 medium zucchini
– 3 tablespoons blond sesame seeds
– 1 tablespoon chopped fresh mint
– 1 tablespoon chopped parsley
– Rice flour
– Breadcrumbs
– Salt, pepper, spices (curry, paprika, turmeric, etc.)
– Olive oil for cooking

• Peel your sweet potatoes, cut them into small pieces and cook 10 minutes in boiling salted water.
• In a skillet, make brown the chopped onion in oil for 5 min, add the zucchini peeled and cut into small pieces, and spices.
• In a blender, mash together the potato pieces drained, the mixture of zucchini, onions and spices, and drained chickpeas. Mix well. Add rice flour as and to obtain a pasty consistency which is easy to work. Add spices if necessary. Add sesame, mint and chopped parsley to finish, mix gently with a spatula.
• Divide into balls the size of a large walnut in your palm, then roll them in the breadcrumbs.
• Fry the meatballs 5 to 10 minutes in a well-oiled skillet over low heat, or 10 min in the oven at 180 ° on parchment paper.

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