profilPhantastic Food is my  personal cooking blog, that proposes simple, easy to make and healthy recipes, without refined sugar and/or vegan (without products from animal origin)!

• I wished to create Phantastic Food in early 2015, further to my food rebalancing, because I did not succeed in finding varied recipes which corresponded to my new mode of food : ” healthy food “, without refined sugar, without dairy products, well-balanced, and without animal-derived proteins (egg, meat, fish & dairy products).

• I am French, I am gourmand, I like eating, I like cooking! I was raised in a family which cooked with crème fraiche a lot, and for years the meat was for me essential in my meals. With Phantastic Food, I want to demonstrate that we can eat differently, with recipes which are balanced, nourishing, tasty, and which make discover new flavors and unknown products.

• I am not a vegan, but I eat now very few meat / fish and animal products, because I discovered other substitutes who are also good to the taste and better for the health.

• I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist, and my recipes and nutritional opinion are based only on my own experience, or on documentaries and scientific studies which I was able to see and/or to read :)

• I am the author of all the photos on this blog, so thank you for respecting my work and not still it or modify it without asking or warning me.

PS: Phantastic Food is a pun with my surname, this fanciful spelling is thus 100% voluntary 😀

Marion – phantastic.food@gmail.com

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