Hazelnut-chocolate Pudding


Hazelnut-chocolate Pudding — Sometimes I forget I already have bought bread or to eat it, and I hate to throw food in the trash. In this case, two solutions to avoid food wastage: to make French bread ( if you have large slices country bread), or to prepare a cake pudding if the amount of stale bread is important! This […]

Homemade-Nutella soufflés


Homemade-Nutella Soufflés — Who does not love Nutella? Its success is undeniable, and its taste is unmistakable, especially because it is full of palm oil and too much refined sugars, and in the end, it contains quite a few hazelnuts… I have not Nutella in my kitchen because I find it sickening, but the idea of ​​preparing a homemade chocolate-hazelnut […]

Double chocolate & cocoa Waffle


Double chocolate & cocoa Waffle — Waffles are so easy and quick to prepare !! This recipe is inspired by the amazing Vanilla Crunnch blog! I added cocoa and double chocolate (chips in AND chocolate sauce out) for a more yummy breakfast — This recipe is vegan, dairy free and refined sugar-free. – ¾ cup flour – ¾ cup rice […]

Chocolate & Caramel vegan pie


Chocolate & Caramel vegan pie – Here is a vegan chocolate & caramel pie, without cream or butter… The caramel is made thanks to coconut cream and agave sirup (with a pinch of salt and vanilla) for a gourmet dessert full of flavor! – This recipe is vegan, dairy-free and refined sugar-free. • For the caramel: – 20 cl coconut […]

Double-banana Vegan Pancakes


Double-banana Vegan Pancakes – If you have neither eggs nor milk in the fridge, or you do not eat it by choice, this recipe is perfect to realize delicious pancakes on a shoestring and start the day! – This recipe is vegan, dairy-free and refined sugar-free. – 2 bananas – 2 tablespoons olive oil – 1 1/4 cup of water […]

Cacao & Coconut Cheesecake – vegan


Cacao & Coconut Cheesecake – vegan — This wonderful recipe is adapted from the Vanilla Crunnch recipe, which thought to reduce the amount of cashews in the cheesecakes, using fine semolina instead!! The cheesecake cream here consists of coconut milk, baked fine semolina and cashew cream, flavored with cocoa. And the dough is made from hazelnuts, coconut, almonds and oat […]

Tea & poppy seeds pancakes – gluten free


Pancakes Tea & Poppy Seeds – What to do when there remains no wheat flour or semi-wholemeal or even oatmeal or almonds to grind to replace flour in pancakes!! Well just make closets funds and falling on the (forgotten) corn flour ! So today it’s pancakes, gluten free, made from corn and flavored with tea (of your choice) and poppy […]