Banoffe pie – vegan


Banoffee Pie – vegan — The Banoffee pie is an Anglo-Saxon traditional dessert made with bananas and toffee ! This is my very personal version of the banoffee pie, with 5 layers, and flavored with homemade rum! Not surprisingly, the crusty base is made of almond, peanut and oatmeal. The vegan caramel is made with dates, water and peanut butter, […]

Almond pancakes & banana-cacao sauce


Almond pancakes & banana-cacao sauce — It’s not necessary to add refined sugar in the preparation of pancakes, especially when they contain banana (instead of the egg and butter) and chesnut flour that is naturally sweet :)! — This recipe is vegan, dairy free, oil free and refined sugar free. • For pancakes: – 90 g of wheat flour – […]

Coffee Cookie – vegan & gluten free


Cookie coffee – vegan and gluten free – Cookies are usually composed of a mixture of butter, sugar, egg and flour, not to mention the chocolate chips!! Here we replace butter by vegetable oil and milk, egg by banana, and the wheat flour is replaced by a mixture of gluten flours (chestnut and rice). Coffee, cinnamon, dark chocolate chips and […]

Falafel mint & curry – vegan


Falafel Mint & Curry – vegan – The falafels are traditionally dumpling chickpeas flavored with coriander and cumin, and fried in oil. Here the proposed version is flavored with mint and curry and the falafel are baked in oven for a lighter result to digest. These falafels are very satiating thanks to the proteins in chickpeas. Mint provides a fresh […]